Barkesh is a fortress city located between the converging arms of the Ilkesh river. Its walls have never been breached.

Barkesh is the leading fighter in the war against the Imperial Army of Arnia. They are recognized as the unofficial capital of The Mountain Region of Gardilin. Arnia has taken over the entire southern portion of Gardilin and have long had their sights set on the northern Mountain Region. For the past 200 years Barkesh has defended the Mountain Region using a mixture of skill and tactical fortress position.

Barkesh is a fairly undiverse area consisting of mostly humans with a smattering of mountain dwarves.

Barkesh is located between the joint of the Ilkeshi mountain rivers with the back of the fortress up against the mountains. In order to get access to Barkesh you must cross the rivers or brave the mountains. And even after that the defenses of the fortress itself are near impenetrable.

In the early years of Barkesh the city was renowned for their Holy Order. This group was charged with protecting Barkesh and all who lived there. The warrior priests and paladins of this order prayed to the god Trakash the god of the warrior. They were well known for their prowess in combat and their strategic minds. It is also said that in the later years of the Holy Order of Barkesh the order was tasked with a great burden. It is rumored that Trakash himself bestowed his legendary blade to The Order for safe keeping before Trakash started his quest into the Nether Plane.

Many years ago, during a ceasefire between Arnia and The Mountain Region, a mysterious power took over Barkesh from the inside. They burned and pillaged the homes and left the keep a ruin. The royal family of Barkesh was never seen again. People have theories as to who or what caused the attack but none of the stories can be corroborated. When the Arnians heard that Barkesh had fallen they mobilized their army and marched on the city. But when they arrived at the gate of Barkesh they were all slain. To this day the field between the rivers and the fortress is known as the Arnian graveyard. The most prevailing legend of massacre at the gate is that Attian of Barkesh, a paladin of the Holy Order, stood at the gate and was the last one to protect his home. Some say he even wielded the blade of Trakash himself. This was said to be the origin to the legend of Attian the God Cleaver, the man you slew gods.

Recently, Barkesh has just defended itself against a seige. Although they defeated the Arnian forces, many died inside the city due to Ashmouth. Ashmouth was killed, but not before he opened the God Gate, which imploded on itself. The energy destroyed much of the landscape.

Ye Olde Frathouse was formerly located here before it burnt down and “Ye Old Frathouse MKII was constructed.


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