The Eight Man Boogaloo

When you meddle in the affairs of gods

S#@$ gunna get cray

After settling down in the new frathouse the party decides to look into a lead about the war-bringer, a mysterious entity mentioned by Orin. While doing so they hear about a murder that occurred in the lower quarter and they go to investigate. They discover the involvment of a shady rogue organization known as the Ravens. Not having the time to get involved at the moment the party gets back on track and organizes a meeting with the Barkesh council. Skipping all subtleties the group accuses a member of being the war-bringer and Interest uses telepathy to find out who. Calithorn, wanting to appease Orin, took the war-bringer to the temple to give him to Orin. Alikthas, who had some sort of heavy dislike for Orin attempted to stop Calithorn. In order to achieve his goals Orin activated Calithorn’s cursed suit and forced him to do his will. A battle ensued and even Hector joined in on the fight. The battle ended with Juan and Calithorn siding with Orin but Alikthas, with the help of Mormar and Valin, manages to kill the war-bringer. Believing they ended the threat of Orin retrieving whatever information he needed the group goes back to the Frathouse and regroups. Juan slips away during the night and gifts most of his gear and belongings to the party before he goes.


gonotee gonotee

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