The Eight Man Boogaloo

Abandoned Corridors

Get boring quick

Deciding to go after their constant foe, the nightmare lord, Valin, Interest, Garmir, and Calithorn set off towards Tallesh and the location of a Magicians Guild outpost they had heard about. They traveled for about a week and finally came to the spot on the map where the base was supposed to be located. After a bit of searching they found a severed foot and a blood trail leading towards a patch of out of place gravel. Finding that it had similar properties to a sink hole they decided to explore it. Discovering a derelict dungeon underneath the gravel sinkhole they went exploring… and exploring… and exploring. Finding room after room and hallway after hallway the party only saw a mimic the whole time they were down there. And when they finally discovered something interesting they had already explored the rest of the dungeon. But what they did find was quite interesting. A large floating orb of light in the center of the dungeon, being watched over by the now missing Magicians guild. And right before they are able to identify the object they are attacked by a clay golum.


gonotee gonotee

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