The Eight Man Boogaloo

A New Hope
The Return of the King

The adventurers gathered in a bar, found a common goal in helping a nearby town with a bandit problem, and set out to a nearby cave . They also killed some bats, I guess that’s pretty okay.

First Encounters
Oh my god are we squishy

After beating the bats the adventurers felt as if they were invincible. Venturing further into the crypt with inflated bravado they found a new ally. An elf wizard by the name of Garmir Nopos. Upon finding a secret passage the group was able to continue into a hideout dug into the side of the mountain. The passage led them right into a containment area for two monitor lizards. After a failed sneak attack the monitor lizards are awakened and five trogs joined the fray. After a long drawn out battle the entire party went down except for the Cleric Vallen Halrock. Vallen was able to save the party and they went after the trog cheiftan that had fled at the beginning of the conflict. Overall I think they did pretty good. For a first time team up this group of misfits did quite well. I will have to keep an eye on them.

Big Bad Boss
Ooh Treasure

After their first major encounter the party was much more wary venturing forth. They spent more time deciding how to take out the chieftain and his remaining goons that they did actually taking him out. This worked in their favor however and they did a very good job strategically killing the Trog. However, as most adventurers are, they were not satisfied by the measly loot in the trogs dining room. So they continued to search the area. In a small offshoot room they found a solved a secret puzzle and gained access to the ancient hideout of Nognor. Nognor was an ancient sorcerer that died in the great calamity fighting for the nether gods. He was forgotten in history but his hideout was still very much still intact. The adventurers had some difficulty with the traps Nognor had layed for trespassers but they nonetheless made it to the final room. In this room they met the biggest enemy they had encountered to date (not that they had been adventuring that long). A zombie bugbear had been charged by Nognor to protect his treasure horde. But through some skill and some dumb luck the party managed to get by with only a few cuts and scrapes. Over all I would say good job. I had my money on you dying right then and there but it looks like I’m down 100 gold pieces.

Off Again
More Adventure PLZ.

Riding the high of there successes the adventurers travel back to Tal. When they arrive they find the inn full of refugees and other people. Upon further investigation they learn of a invasion happening in a village north of Tal. Deciding to lend their aid the party gets directions and heads out. A two days walk from Tal they find a small farm house being besieged by what seems to be imperial soldiers. The imperials threaten the people within the house with torches and tar and the adventurers decide to take action. They stealthily remove the family from within the farmhouse and take on the soldiers and their pet wolves. The fight goes well and the captain is captured within the farmhouse. The party learns more about the imperial group and what their plans are from the rescued half-elf Ilyanna. Nice work but they could still do better. Worth keeping an eye on though.

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A tragic happening
Rope is slippery
After defeating Nazir Redthorn Valin, Alin, Jevith, Calithorn, and Alikthas stayed at the local inn for the night. However Alin, Calithorn, and Jevith set out at night to loot some shops. At the first shop they came to Alin melted a hole through one of its walls with acid splash. Upon entering they found they were in a masonry shop and left disappointed. They continued on and passed a fruit shop where Jevith left the other two and broke in. He found a hidden door behind the counter which led to a large cave. Alin and Calithorn continued on to a blacksmith where they looted a quarter staff, then Alin found a particular shop with a light on. Stepping inside he was measured by a man who quickly gave him a fine suit. Alin couldn’t express his gratitude enough and changed into it right outside the store singing some foreign tune to himself. Jevith didn’t wan’t to take the cave alone so he ran back to the inn and got Alik to investigate with him. They quickly found that the cave had a waterfall going into a deep hole. Alin and Calithorn saw the door to the fruit shop and decided to investigate. They quickly found the open crawlspace and entered the cave with Alik and Jevith. Meanwhile Valin decided to go to a temple and prey to his deity. After further investigation the rest of the group in the cave found an odd engraving with a knife shaped hole in it. After fiddling with it for some time, Calithorn realized that Valin’s obsidian dagger might work with it. Once Valin was there he inserted his obsidian dagger and it broke off at the hilt so it was flush with the wall. After some exploration the group found that part of the wall on the other side of the cave was now smooth and engraved with draconian writings. They got the gist of what it was saying after some examination and after Alin had used acid splash on it thinking there would be more cave behind it. Eventually it was decided that Calithorn would be lowered by rope down into the waterfall hole. When he was at the bottom of the rope (~100 ft) Alin cast Fire Bolt down the hole to get a better look. This scared Calithorn so he fell off the rope. Jevith Immediately added more rope and climbed down to see if Calithorn was ok. Halfway down Jevith heard a wet slap and assumed that Calithorn had hit the bottom. Jevith continued climbing down and at the bottom of the rope saw more cave and another chute that lead down even further. He climbed up to notify his friends but slipped off the rope and fell down like Calithorn. It eventually ended up that everyone fell down the hole where at the end of the chute there was a large cavern. Valin cast a spell to light the cavern up and a shadowy creature screeched and ran out through a tunnel.
Shadows of the past
Scary cavern

After the fall down the rope the adventurers chased a shadow into a huge underground temple of sorts. In the center of the cavern was a huge pillar with symbols and levers on it. In the corners of the room was dense shadow created by magic. Upon investigating the room they find that there are shadow creatures living in the magic darkness. The shadows attack them when they try to use the levers and a battle ensues. After chasing the shadows between the darkness the adventurers finally destroyed the shadows and removed the magical darkness from the room. They then proceeded to solve the puzzle and unlock the teleportation capabilities of the temple. But then the temple began to collapse and the group had to make a decision. Alin, Alik, and Jevith went into the teleporter and Valin went back the way they cam hoping for a way out.

The deep and the secret

After escaping the tunnel Valin finds that quite a bit of time has passed since he and his companions traveled underground. He finds his way back to town and groups up with Garmir, Mormar, and Jevith. They agree to locate the marked location on the map and discover what M. wanted them to find. The use a day to prepare and head out.
They traveled for two and a half days before they reached the base of the mountain range and located a winding hidden path trailing up into the mountains. At the top they find a small tunnel that leads into a carved out room with three doors and four symbols on the floor. The heroes soon figured out the elemental puzzle and traveled inward. They fought the metal guardians that stood watch at the last room. Then they entered the chamber.

Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes!

As the heroes enter the room the door slams behind them and a voice begins warning them of their mistake. Bewildered the group slowly advances towards the chest at the end of the room. Behind them giant stone snakes begin unwinding from the rooms pillars and attack the party. A huge battle ensues and Jevith and Mormar both get eaten during the battle. Valin breaks open the chest and finds a small purple gemstone. The stone takes over his body and releases a huge energy beam destroying the snakes and freeing Jevith and Mormar. The heroes exit the dungeon and see an Arnian patrol marching north below them.

The March

Valin leads Garmir, Mormar, and Jevith down the mountain path and they begin trailing the Arnian force. Unfortunately a slip up alerts the Arnians to there presence and they are captured. Garmir convinces Oribald the captain of the force that the party is a group of mercs interested in helping the Arnians. Oribald believes them but brings them incapacitated to the camp nonetheless. There the group is interrogated and their lie passes undetected. After some subtle sabotage the group heads to the front lines. But not after fighting the best of the best of the Arnians in a ceremonial gladiator fight, a tradition of the Arnian military on the eve of battle.


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