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Off Again
More Adventure PLZ.

Riding the high of there successes the adventurers travel back to Tal. When they arrive they find the inn full of refugees and other people. Upon further investigation they learn of a invasion happening in a village north of Tal. Deciding to lend their aid the party gets directions and heads out. A two days walk from Tal they find a small farm house being besieged by what seems to be imperial soldiers. The imperials threaten the people within the house with torches and tar and the adventurers decide to take action. They stealthily remove the family from within the farmhouse and take on the soldiers and their pet wolves. The fight goes well and the captain is captured within the farmhouse. The party learns more about the imperial group and what their plans are from the rescued half-elf Ilyanna. Nice work but they could still do better. Worth keeping an eye on though.

Big Bad Boss
Ooh Treasure

After their first major encounter the party was much more wary venturing forth. They spent more time deciding how to take out the chieftain and his remaining goons that they did actually taking him out. This worked in their favor however and they did a very good job strategically killing the Trog. However, as most adventurers are, they were not satisfied by the measly loot in the trogs dining room. So they continued to search the area. In a small offshoot room they found a solved a secret puzzle and gained access to the ancient hideout of Nognor. Nognor was an ancient sorcerer that died in the great calamity fighting for the nether gods. He was forgotten in history but his hideout was still very much still intact. The adventurers had some difficulty with the traps Nognor had layed for trespassers but they nonetheless made it to the final room. In this room they met the biggest enemy they had encountered to date (not that they had been adventuring that long). A zombie bugbear had been charged by Nognor to protect his treasure horde. But through some skill and some dumb luck the party managed to get by with only a few cuts and scrapes. Over all I would say good job. I had my money on you dying right then and there but it looks like I’m down 100 gold pieces.

First Encounters
Oh my god are we squishy

After beating the bats the adventurers felt as if they were invincible. Venturing further into the crypt with inflated bravado they found a new ally. An elf wizard by the name of Garmir Nopos. Upon finding a secret passage the group was able to continue into a hideout dug into the side of the mountain. The passage led them right into a containment area for two monitor lizards. After a failed sneak attack the monitor lizards are awakened and five trogs joined the fray. After a long drawn out battle the entire party went down except for the Cleric Vallen Halrock. Vallen was able to save the party and they went after the trog cheiftan that had fled at the beginning of the conflict. Overall I think they did pretty good. For a first time team up this group of misfits did quite well. I will have to keep an eye on them.

A New Hope
The Return of the King

The adventurers gathered in a bar, found a common goal in helping a nearby town with a bandit problem, and set out to a nearby cave . They also killed some bats, I guess that’s pretty okay.


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