The Eight Man Boogaloo

Shadows of the past

Scary cavern

After the fall down the rope the adventurers chased a shadow into a huge underground temple of sorts. In the center of the cavern was a huge pillar with symbols and levers on it. In the corners of the room was dense shadow created by magic. Upon investigating the room they find that there are shadow creatures living in the magic darkness. The shadows attack them when they try to use the levers and a battle ensues. After chasing the shadows between the darkness the adventurers finally destroyed the shadows and removed the magical darkness from the room. They then proceeded to solve the puzzle and unlock the teleportation capabilities of the temple. But then the temple began to collapse and the group had to make a decision. Alin, Alik, and Jevith went into the teleporter and Valin went back the way they cam hoping for a way out.


gonotee gonotee

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