The Eight Man Boogaloo

A House Divided

Will burn down

After settling down in the Ye Olde Frathouse from Edgar,Juan decides that with Edgar out of the picture everyone will be happier. Juan pushes Edgar (Juan vehemently denies this) out the second floor window into the bushes below. After learning that Edgar survived Juan waits until his next opportunity and then slits Edgar’s throat (Juan also vehemently denies this). In the ensuing chaos Jevith steals the box of demon stones from Valin and hands them off to Alikthas. A full blown conflict starts after Valin realizes that they are gone. Interest comes back from the tavern drunk and attempts to kill Juan and steal the sword he found on Ashmouth’s body. One thing led to another and the house began to burn. Unable to stop the blaze the heroes watch as the house they had just recently settled down in goes up in smoke. They go there separate ways for the night. But in the morning Alikthas manages to buy another house (soon dubbed Ye Olde Frathouse MKll) in the upper quarter and invites the party back to live in it. Amends are made and apologies are given.


gonotee gonotee

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