The Eight Man Boogaloo

Abandoned Corridors
Get boring quick

Deciding to go after their constant foe, the nightmare lord, Valin, Interest, Garmir, and Calithorn set off towards Tallesh and the location of a Magicians Guild outpost they had heard about. They traveled for about a week and finally came to the spot on the map where the base was supposed to be located. After a bit of searching they found a severed foot and a blood trail leading towards a patch of out of place gravel. Finding that it had similar properties to a sink hole they decided to explore it. Discovering a derelict dungeon underneath the gravel sinkhole they went exploring… and exploring… and exploring. Finding room after room and hallway after hallway the party only saw a mimic the whole time they were down there. And when they finally discovered something interesting they had already explored the rest of the dungeon. But what they did find was quite interesting. A large floating orb of light in the center of the dungeon, being watched over by the now missing Magicians guild. And right before they are able to identify the object they are attacked by a clay golum.

When you meddle in the affairs of gods
S#@$ gunna get cray

After settling down in the new frathouse the party decides to look into a lead about the war-bringer, a mysterious entity mentioned by Orin. While doing so they hear about a murder that occurred in the lower quarter and they go to investigate. They discover the involvment of a shady rogue organization known as the Ravens. Not having the time to get involved at the moment the party gets back on track and organizes a meeting with the Barkesh council. Skipping all subtleties the group accuses a member of being the war-bringer and Interest uses telepathy to find out who. Calithorn, wanting to appease Orin, took the war-bringer to the temple to give him to Orin. Alikthas, who had some sort of heavy dislike for Orin attempted to stop Calithorn. In order to achieve his goals Orin activated Calithorn’s cursed suit and forced him to do his will. A battle ensued and even Hector joined in on the fight. The battle ended with Juan and Calithorn siding with Orin but Alikthas, with the help of Mormar and Valin, manages to kill the war-bringer. Believing they ended the threat of Orin retrieving whatever information he needed the group goes back to the Frathouse and regroups. Juan slips away during the night and gifts most of his gear and belongings to the party before he goes.

A House Divided
Will burn down

After settling down in the Ye Olde Frathouse from Edgar,Juan decides that with Edgar out of the picture everyone will be happier. Juan pushes Edgar (Juan vehemently denies this) out the second floor window into the bushes below. After learning that Edgar survived Juan waits until his next opportunity and then slits Edgar’s throat (Juan also vehemently denies this). In the ensuing chaos Jevith steals the box of demon stones from Valin and hands them off to Alikthas. A full blown conflict starts after Valin realizes that they are gone. Interest comes back from the tavern drunk and attempts to kill Juan and steal the sword he found on Ashmouth’s body. One thing led to another and the house began to burn. Unable to stop the blaze the heroes watch as the house they had just recently settled down in goes up in smoke. They go there separate ways for the night. But in the morning Alikthas manages to buy another house (soon dubbed Ye Olde Frathouse MKll) in the upper quarter and invites the party back to live in it. Amends are made and apologies are given.


After the explosion and wave of energy from the God Gate the City began reconstruction efforts and emergency procedures. The heroes exit the temple and help out as best they can around Barkesh. Searching for a blacksmith that they had met earlier they found his house and him upstairs bleeding out. They patch him up and settle him down in a bed upstairs. The group sets up in the house and sets out into the town to gather information and help out as best they can.

Blood and Poison

Following the trail of blood and carnage leading into the city the group fights some of Ashmouth’s, a lieutenant in the Arnian military, soldiers. They finally fight their way up to the temple and get inside. There Ashmouth was manipulating the God Gate. He raises three people from the dead and continues to work. The heroes fight through the undead and reach Ashmouth. After a heated battle with the villain Mormar managed to deal the final blow. But not before Ashmouth could activate the God Gate. It appeared to work at first but then imploded in on itself. After a moment of silence a huge release of energy erupted from the God Gate. The wave swept out and destroyed large amounts of the Barkesh landscape.

In the Midst of a War

The world is on fire around them as the group begins advancing with the Arnian forces. The first chance they get they make a break for the front lines. Commandeering a siege tower they kill the occupants and begin burning it from the inside. After they regroup at the wall with there comrades that already made it to Barkesh. They rally the troops at the wall and begin an assault with the aid of the other groups magical soldiers. They take out whole waves of Arnians on their own and finally make their way to Tinnamon, the general of the Arnian forces, and end up capturing him and dragging him into the city.

The March

Valin leads Garmir, Mormar, and Jevith down the mountain path and they begin trailing the Arnian force. Unfortunately a slip up alerts the Arnians to there presence and they are captured. Garmir convinces Oribald the captain of the force that the party is a group of mercs interested in helping the Arnians. Oribald believes them but brings them incapacitated to the camp nonetheless. There the group is interrogated and their lie passes undetected. After some subtle sabotage the group heads to the front lines. But not after fighting the best of the best of the Arnians in a ceremonial gladiator fight, a tradition of the Arnian military on the eve of battle.

Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes!

As the heroes enter the room the door slams behind them and a voice begins warning them of their mistake. Bewildered the group slowly advances towards the chest at the end of the room. Behind them giant stone snakes begin unwinding from the rooms pillars and attack the party. A huge battle ensues and Jevith and Mormar both get eaten during the battle. Valin breaks open the chest and finds a small purple gemstone. The stone takes over his body and releases a huge energy beam destroying the snakes and freeing Jevith and Mormar. The heroes exit the dungeon and see an Arnian patrol marching north below them.

The deep and the secret

After escaping the tunnel Valin finds that quite a bit of time has passed since he and his companions traveled underground. He finds his way back to town and groups up with Garmir, Mormar, and Jevith. They agree to locate the marked location on the map and discover what M. wanted them to find. The use a day to prepare and head out.
They traveled for two and a half days before they reached the base of the mountain range and located a winding hidden path trailing up into the mountains. At the top they find a small tunnel that leads into a carved out room with three doors and four symbols on the floor. The heroes soon figured out the elemental puzzle and traveled inward. They fought the metal guardians that stood watch at the last room. Then they entered the chamber.

Shadows of the past
Scary cavern

After the fall down the rope the adventurers chased a shadow into a huge underground temple of sorts. In the center of the cavern was a huge pillar with symbols and levers on it. In the corners of the room was dense shadow created by magic. Upon investigating the room they find that there are shadow creatures living in the magic darkness. The shadows attack them when they try to use the levers and a battle ensues. After chasing the shadows between the darkness the adventurers finally destroyed the shadows and removed the magical darkness from the room. They then proceeded to solve the puzzle and unlock the teleportation capabilities of the temple. But then the temple began to collapse and the group had to make a decision. Alin, Alik, and Jevith went into the teleporter and Valin went back the way they cam hoping for a way out.


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